Welcome back! Come along with me and my mug of tea on the southern stormy seas. Go make yourself a warm cup, grab a snuggly blanket and we’ll get started.

antarctica-52-1After making the decision to travel back to Antarctica, my impulse was to record everything again in excruciating detail. I want to remember it all and to be able to re-visit every experience. No doubt I’ll end up with another four thousands of pictures of penguins and ice formations, and less than a thousand words in my travel journal. I do want to write but setting my butt in the chair might be a challenge with so much to see. I will share pictures and as much as I manage to write with you, my friends, at least those of you not adverse to looking at other people’s vacation pictures and listening to stories about cold weather and formally attired waterfowl. (Note: Penguins are NOT technically waterfowl. I looked this up on the internet. The website that had a discussion board about how penguins should be considered waterfowl was TheForce.net, Jedi Council Forums. Star Wars is really not what it used to be…)

In this blog I’ll try to get my facts right, but allow me some latitude. (That’s a sailor’s pun.) 

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Thanks for reading. And have fun sharing my journey to the icebergs.

Oh, one last thing… ignore the typos. I’m a terrible proof-reader.